Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinball Buddies on TV!

Hey pinballers!  Looking for something fun to watch this weekend?  Why don't you swing on over to HULU and check out the November 1st episode of X-Play.  Normally, this is a show about video games, upcoming titles, designers, etc.  WAIT!  "This lad's a traitor," I hear you cry, "A regular 8-bit Benedict!  Throw him overboard!"

Before your mutiny gets out of hand, listen to this!  On this particular episode of X-Play, Andrew WK (who is apparently a HUGE pinball nut) goes to Reciprocal Skateboards in NYC to check out some league play, and sling the Silverball around himself!  It's a lot of fun to watch.

Devotees of DTZ will remember that in my Issue 3 Zeroes to Heroes story, I visited Reciprocal for the first time.  Back then, there were only 4 machines in their one storefront.  This was back in, what, 2010?

Since then, the owner Jon has bought the storefront NEXT to Reciprocal and turned it into a pinball arcade!  There are 10 machines in there (last time I went), and they are all in tip top order.  Jon is REALLY great guy, and it's great to see his shop get this kind of attention.  If you are in NYC and like pinball, you HAVE to go to Reciprocal!

Again, HERE is the link to the X-Play Episode!  Check it out before they take it down!!
You can watch the Behind-the-Scenes HERE

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