Monday, November 26, 2012

Photos from a Stern Tour Part 3

Phew, remember that time that Jon Chad posted that SUPER WEIRD COMIC?  Well, we're back down to planet earth now with some more photos from the Stern tour I took last summer.  I guess this is a good time to point out that I'm not going to be going into too much detail of what is going on in most of these photos.  That will all be explained in the interview.  For now, just let your mouth drool at this pinball beauty.

As I mentioned before, Stern was making the Limited Edition of the AC/DC machine when I was visiting.  One of the most exciting parts of that game is that the LE had a lower playfield (just like Gottlieb's Haunted House or Black Hole).  On the day we were visiting, the factory had just gotten in a shipment of lower playfields to test.  !!!!?1/1!!!?!?  Color me excited!

Plastic parts (slingshot covers, etc).  If it looks like there is a haze, or goo on them, that's a protective film that they put on before they put out the plastic so that it doesn't crack.


Next time: images of the assemble line and unfilled cabinets!

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