Monday, November 12, 2012

Photos from a Stern Tour Part 2

Phew, more photos for your guys from my Stern factory tour this summer.  They were working hard on the limited edition of ACDC, and I am SUPER-DUPER grateful that Jody took the time to show me around!

After the parts are cleared by the first station pictured in the last post, they are stored here.  There were translites, bulbs, boxes of McDonalds toys, you name it!

WIRES!!!!  Even though this mess looks like multicolored spaghetti dinner, it is actually a finely planned and bundled group of wires. 

Using these template mounted on wood, workers measure out and put connectors on different combinations of wires.

The one thing above all else that continually impressed me during the tour was a) how much hands on man hours are put into the making of a pinball machine and b) how finely orchastrated all the different departments and different procedures are.  Just walking through the factory, I could barely fathom making ONE pinball machine, let alone THOUSANDS!  

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