Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playland Not-At-The-Beach

Hi gang, I'm catching up with some blogging this weekend, so I've queued up a few posts.  Between these and the posts Jon has saved up, plus our blog at Stern, there should be quite a bit of Pinball action hitting the internet in the next few weeks!

First up is Playland Not-At-The-Beach. A few months back, Claire and I went to this great bay-area pinball stop.  They actually have all kinds of cool stuff (old carnival games, little model cities and circuses, etc. etc.) but the highlight was the back area, which is a regular pinball paradise.

They had some nice older machines:

An awesome "spooky" themed room with Monster Bash, Scared Stiff, Creature From the Black Lagoon and Haunted House (tragically shut off the day we were there!  I've never played that one, and wanted to try out the lower playfield...).  It had black-lights and spooky paintings on the wall, which was super cool:

Plus a room full of DMD machines.  All the machines were in great working order.  This place is highly recommended!  It was also really cool how they had lit-up backglasses above the machines.  Floor-to-ceiling pinball!

Tucked in the corner was a Star Wars: Episode I pin2k machine, which, if you've read DTZ #1, you know is one of my favorite machines.  I put up a 166M for the #1 score.  It always feels good to leave your initials in at least one machine before leaving an arcade!

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